Barnes & Webb


Introducing (Paul) Webb & (Chris) Barnes, London based urban beekeepers. Alongside their day jobs as designers, these fine chaps  have set up an entrepeneurial Bee Hive Rental business which makes Bee guardianship available to your average urban home (and garden) owner. For a reasonable monthly outlay, they’ll set you up with a couple of backyard hives, take care of employee wellbeing and productivity, and hand over a healthy portion of homegrown honey every year. The rest of the honey is gathered and sold under its relevant London postcode, so others can benefit from locally grown honey. And there are real potential health benefits with this – it’s been suggested that eating local honey can help reduce the symptoms of hay fever as it contains traces of the pollen sufferers get exposed to, thus building up a tolerance. The clever clogs are also in the process of developing a BeeBox app which will help monitor Bee activity, and limit unnecessary intrusion. Nothing like keeping the workers happy. For a full interview with these two, check out this recent article on the Indie Farmer site. For more information, check out the Barnes & Webb website.


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