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Private Cooking Coaching

Kevin creates dishes to suit your diet and/or restrictions and prepares everything fresh in your own kitchen. Whether you want gourmet meals to serve to friends and family or cleansing foods to keep you feeling your best, Kevin's high standards, flexibility and knowledge of healthful ingredients come together in beautiful, nourishing dishes.

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It all begins from your kitchen. Cooking is transforming the energy from Universe.
Cooking is a celebration of life. Let’s have fun!

Mutsuko Johnson

Cooking Classes

Kevin introduces cooking with plant-based ingredients and shows you step-by-step how to prepare delicious, seasonal and healthy meals in your own home. Whether it’s quick, everyday meals or entrees and desserts for special occasions, Kevin will inspire you to cook nourishing meals for yourself and your friends or family. Drawing on 20 plus years of experience as a wholefood chef, Kevin explains the health benefits of ingredients and shares her techniques, gives tips for stocking your pantry and where to source the best organic ingredients. Menus and recipes are tailor made to suit your dietary needs.

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If you sit down and really work together, you can create a creative energy and a flow that you then just need to naturally follow. That is when amazing things happen.

Jean Torné

Cooking for Events and Workshops

Design and planning of menus, preparation and engagement completed in collaboration with programme organisers, ensuring the proposed menu connects and supports the event, the needs of the participants and facilitators, including any special dietary needs.

Menus can be tailored to needs, with a preference for vegetarian or sustainably sourced meat/seafood. Seasonal produce will be sourced from local and where possible organic suppliers.

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"In the kitchen, you do not cook – you transform and create.
You create life: your life and the life of those you love." – Jean Torné


“In the kitchen, you do not cook – you transform and create. You create life: your life and the life of those you love.”

– Jean Torné

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