What does wholefood mean?

Wholefood is a term that refers to the basic integrity of a food, which implies that its inherent ability to nourish is intact. Wholefoods have been grown in rich soil without chemical fertilisers, and have not been highly processed. There is overwhelming evidence that eating quality wholefoods (as opposed to mass produced processed fast food) is beneficial to health and vitality.

Simple guidelines

• always keep your kitchen tidy and orderly
• consider that you always cook for someone else, and thus you should be aware of the needs of each person to be fed, even if this is yourself!
• cook with peace, extreme care and unwavering attention
• be grateful for the food you work with, for those who produced it, who cared for it to arrive in your kitchen
• avoid sugar
• construct your diet around whole grains, vegetable proteins and vegetables, using animal products occasionally
• eat with as much variety as possible
• avoid processed foods and use as many fresh ingredients as possible
• respect the origin of ingredients, combining those that come from similar geographical areas
• try to avoid products with preservatives, additives, synthetic colouring agents, monosodium glutamate and sugar
• buy from trusted sources, read labels, ask questions about the produce and its origins

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