European School of T’ai Chi

The European School of T’ai Chi Chuan was formally founded in February 1995. It has evolved in an organic way since the 1980s when Tew Bunnag established a number of T’ai Chi classes in Surrey, London and Sussex. Meditation is pivotal to the practice and it is firmly rooted in the Samatha and Vipassana tradition. “The basic understanding that guides our T’ai Chi is ‘metta’ – the practice of compassion and non-violence. This plays into every aspect of life, including food and cooking – as exemplified by the creative and sensitive approach to nourishment of Wholefood Kitchen.” –Louanne Richards

Growing Communities

The Stoke Newington Farmers Market

The Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market was set up by Growing Communities in May 2003 – the first market in the UK where all the produce is organic or biodynamic and which works to support small environmentally sustainable farmers and producers based within 100 miles of Hackney. The Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market takes place at St Paul’s Church, Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7UY. It is open every Saturday from 10am till 2.30pm.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health is an alternative health oasis in East London’s Broadway Market. Established in 1996, our clinic has grown to offer over thirty different therapies from acupuncture to massage to chiropody and a full compliment of classes in yoga, pilates and tai chi.

Holistic Health’s emphasis on family health is reflected in our specialist practitioners’ skills, covering areas such as craniosacral therapy for newborns, acupuncture, pregnancy massage, homeopathy, baby massage, yoga, and nutritional therapy.  We can confidently and uniquely offer a service that looks after everyone from conception through to labour and beyond; we also offer affordable chiropody/podiatry and physiotherapy for seniors.

Visit the website to view all of our available therapies, or learn more about the Holistic Health practitioners.

Secret Seed Society

From their hideaway in East London, the Secret Seed Society is fuelling a movement of kids who can grow and prepare their own food. Grab a 4-8 year old and enjoy a story about vegetables that ride bicycles and play bongos. All the storybooks come with seeds to grow the lead veg-character. On the website you can sign up for the free Seed Agent Newsletter, order storybooks and seeds and find events where you can meet the Secret Seed Society. There’s 4 different Seed City storybooks available, Chrissie Cress, Mingo Mungbean, Rudi Radish, Carla Carrot and rumour has it that a 5th is on the way. I think this is a secret worth sharing!

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