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The Art of Japanese Home Cooking

Posted in concord institute, courses on April 23rd, 2013 by Kevin – Be the first to comment
Mutsuko Johnson’s intensive Summer intensive course is a fantastic Japanese home cooking programme, which brings people together around the joy of home cooking, sharing a simple meal with friends and family with a lot of heart. Her cooking and teaching comes out of the body rather than the mind, and covers a lot of ingredients and dishes, and is simple yet very powerful and nourishing.
This year, Mutsuko will also bring foods which can be used as home remedies. She is also travelling via Japan, and will bring back with her treasures from her homeland. The intention of this course is to create abundance from the kitchen. Check out more details on the Concord website. To book your place, contact Blandine Bardeau by email.


Seasonal Kitchen class, Day 1

Posted in concord institute, courses on September 17th, 2012 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

Day 1 of the Seasonal Kitchen class led by Mutsuko Johnson, at the Concord Institute. Photos by Greg Davies.

Mutsuko is coming

Posted in concord institute, courses on July 6th, 2012 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

Mutsuko Johnson is returning to London once again this Autumn, to lead one of her inspirational Seasonal Kitchen classes. This will be a hugely enjoyable event to take part in, with benefits not just from the nutritional value of the food created but also from the heartspace and sense of family Mutsuko creates in the kitchen. If you would like an introduction to nourishing, essential Japanese Home Cooking, this class is for you. Dates: Sept 16–22, Concord Institute. For more information about the course and what is on offer, visit the Concord website or call Zoe Waller on 07818 231 298.

My first Sushi

Posted in spring on June 8th, 2012 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

Courtesy of Amy Waller, this photograph of her first plate of handmade Sushi Rolls, made under the guidance of Mutsuko Johnson.

Harvard says NO to dairy

Posted in writings on January 6th, 2012 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

‘The Harvard School of Public Health sent a strong message to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and nutrition experts everywhere with the recent release of its ‘Healthy Eating Plate’ food guide. The university was responding to the USDA’s new MyPlate guide for healthy eating, which replaced the outdated and misguided food pyramid.

Harvard’s nutrition experts did not pull punches, declaring that the university’s food guide was based on sound nutrition research and more importantly, not influenced by food industry lobbyists. The greatest evidence of its research focus is the absence of dairy products from the ‘Healthy Eating Plate’ based on Harvard’s assessment that “…high intake can increase the risk of prostate cancer and possibly ovarian cancer.” The Harvard experts also referred to the high levels of saturated fat in most dairy products and suggested that collards, bok choy, fortified soy milk, and baked beans are safer choices than dairy for obtaining calcium, as are high quality supplements.’

Article ‘Harvard Declares Dairy NOT part of Healthy Diet’ from, adapted from World’s Healthiest News by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD. Thanks to Mutsuko Johnson for passing on the link.

No meat, No dairy, No problem

Posted in writings on January 4th, 2012 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

The proposition of a less meat and dairy infused diet continues to gain momentum, and creep into public consciousness. This, a piece by the New York Times food columnist, recommends swapping at least one meaty meal for a plant-based equivalent, and provides a few recipes for the ‘semi-vegan.’ It’s a good start. Not just a step towards personal health, but the planets’ too. Thanks to Mutsuko Johnson for the article link.

‘Triple M’ dressing

Posted in autumn, dinners, fish on October 26th, 2011 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

A simple autumn meal, with a seared Tuna fillet accompanied by Five-taste-Rice (Short Grain Rice with sauteed Onion, Carrot, Burdock Root and Hijiki); Wilted Spinach and Steamed Squash with a dressing inspired by Mutsuko Johnson: Marmalade, Mustard (a mix of Wholegrain and Hot English) and Miso dressing, made with a pinch of Salt and Hot Water.

Kia rite! (prepare yourself)

Posted in concord institute, courses, events, writings on October 25th, 2011 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

A day or two has passed since the mighty All Blacks came through all manner of adversity to triumph at the World Cup. The final itself was a harrowing experience, and I count the team fortunate to hold out in the face of a spirited French performance. However, throughout the tournament I was struck by a unique sense of spirit which flowed around the team, in individuals, but more so collectively as a squad. At times, individuals came forward: Piri Weepu (the leader of the Haka, pictured) was virtually canonised for his exploits in the middle stages of the tournament. Plenty of stars and stalwarts of the game bowed out with injuries, giving other men opportunities to come forward. In the All Blacks, there is a sense of honour in wearing the shirt which taps into a sense of lineage and ancestry, uniting Maori and Pakeha (European New Zealanders) to a common cause, and giving a sense of accountability which transcends the individual. In the performance of the Haka, there is a celebration in facing challenges of life, but in doing so, knowing that we do not stand alone. We gather strength from others around us, from our tupuna (ancestors) and the earth beneath our feet. These men played for each other, and for others that came before them.

Inspired by the spirit of my homeland, I asked my friend Karl Burrows (co-founder of Manaia) for a karakia to share with participants of Mutsuko’s Seasonal Kitchen course at the final Saturday meal. A karakia is offered, like a prayer, to acknowledge and give thanks. It is a call, like the Haka, which rings out across the world, and across the ages:

Nau mai e nga hua e hora nei
I haere mai na koe
I whakatipu a Nuku
I whakatipu a Rangi
Tawhia ki a Rehua
Ki a tama I te ao marama
E rongo whakairia ake ki runga kia tina
Hui e!
Taiki e!

Welcome, acknowledging the food, produce here laid out before us today, given to us by you, sustained and nurtured by the earth, by the heavens, acknowledging Rehua (the star that guides us in harvest seasons), to humanity in the present time (Te Ao Marama, the world of light). Peace, let us suspend these ideas above us, so that we can all embrace them, together it is firm.

Mutsuko family meal

Posted in concord institute, courses, events on October 23rd, 2011 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

Moments from the Saturday completion meal, a true family affair, following a plan laid out by Mutsuko Johnson, with plenty of room for creativity and inspiration. A vivid example of what can occur, when a group of people come together in the kitchen to cook with love, appreciation and awareness.

Green Tea Somen Noodle Sushi. No, I’ve never seen anything like this before either.

A roasted Onion, fresh from the oven, does its best Seashell impression.

The final platter, overflowing with delights. Rice Ball with Gomasio; Onion, Carrot & Lotus Root Skewers; Warm Beetroot and Turnip Salad with Tahini Miso dressing; Roasted Onions; Squash Tempura; Blanched Greens.

To finish, a slice of divine Pumpkin Pie, with a healthy drizzle of Soya Cream.

Mutsuko Saturday lunch

Posted in concord institute, courses, events, lunches, soups on October 23rd, 2011 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

Mutsuko leads the class through a delicious, simple lunch meal of one-pot Nabe made with Carrots, Leeks, Hokkaido Pumpkin, Cauliflower, Broccoli, fresh and dried Tofu, Kombu and Shiitake; accompanied by a delightful stir-fried leftover Rice with Carrots, Hijiki, Burdock Root, Sesame Seeds and condiment.