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Mastery of Cooking

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On the cusp of embarking on a year-long journey entitled ‘Mastery of Cooking’ under the tutelage of Master Chef Jean Torné, it felt appropriate to prepare this dish for lunch: a Tunisian Chickpea Stew I enjoyed at the Seasonal Kitchen programme run a few weeks ago by Francoise Auvray. As is often the case, this recipe is one which has passed through a few hands. Though it was provided by Francoise, she credits another cook – and I’m sure its origins stretch back much further still. Recipes all have their roots – and its to the people that are willing to take these gifts and pass them on, that we can be grateful. I look forward to a programme which promises much of this – an opportunity to enjoy the sharing of such gifts, primarily from the extraordinary teacher Jean Torné, but also from being part of a group of participants who will be taking part in this course. I feel immensely humble, grateful, and excited at the prospect of the journey that is about to begin – not knowing where it will lead us.

Francoise’ Soup

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‘Today, making a simple soup for a wet day, from my mum’s garden: leek, winter turnip (a small daikon), potatoes and onions, thyme and bay. Then some noodles and seaweed. Some instant miso soup for the stock. We had this with some beautiful goats cheese, apples and bread.’ Thanks to Francoise Auvray for sharing this dish with us.

Foundation Course meal

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A meal prepared by participants of the Foundation Course under the guidance of Francoise Auvray: Bulghur Wheat with Chickpea Stew, Blanched Vegetable Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, Pressed Carrot Salad and Yoghurt and Cucumber dressing. Shown here are the various approaches to meal presentation of the different cooking teams.

Foundation Course Meal

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A simple, satisfying meal prepared with fellow Foundation Course participants under the guidance of Francoise Auvray, of Bulghur Wheat with Onions; Puy Lentils with Onions, Carrots and Fresh Herbs and Chargrilled Zucchini.

Udon Noodle Soup

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A cooking session run by Francoise Auvray at the Concord Institute during the Foundation Course programme. A basic Udon Noodle Soup, accompanied by an array of dishes: Carrot Matchstick Tempura; Radish & Scallion Salad/Pickles; Salmon marinated in Orange Juice, Shoyu and Ginger then Ovenbaked; Amazake Dessert with Almonds and Orange.

Home Cooking workshop

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The venue for the inaugural Wholefood Kitchen Home Cooking workshop. I was joined by Francoise and Ian, in creating a meal together, all of us chipping in to create a meal together, all bringing something to the table, and sharing it together. This will be the first of many. I offer an invitation to come to my wholefood kitchen, or simply to open up your own, in this manner.

The menu? It wasn’t set it stone. But I had in mind a hearty Black Bean Stew, with Cornbread. And invariably, as with a lot of dishes, it starts with some onions. And what Onions these are… As I was chopping, I was struck by the fresh green colour of these organic onions, purchased on the day from Ripple Farms, who run a stall at the Stoke Newington Organic Farmers Market.

And then, some Corn bread to go with the Stew. If you would like to know the recipe, please let me know. It is dead simple, dead tasty.

The meal came together beautifully. Francoise and Ian arrived, bringing their contributions. Francoise’ freshly baked Sourdough bread, which she is now producing from home on a regular basis. Chicken Liver pate from Stoke Newington, to join the matured Buffalo cheese I had picked up for a starter. Also, a delicious Savoy Cabbage which was blanched simply, then dressed with a Lemon and Mustard Vinaigrette. The Bean Stew, made with pressure cooked Black beans (with a strip of Kombu) Leeks, Carrots, Squash, some Ume Vinegar and Shoyu. And then, the finishing touch – provided by Francoise. Two fresh Limes, zest and juice added at the last to round out the flavour and add a delicious kick.

The finished plate. The Stew topped with Greek Yoghurt and chopped Coriander. The still-warm Corn Bread yet to have a decent dollop of butter added.

Weekend lunches

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Images of lunches prepared over the weekend as part of the Bodywork Intensive course at Concord Institute, hosted by Amanda James and Dylan Ayaloo.

Jon Gibert’s Saturday lunch creation, a Tempeh salad served with Rocket and Spinach leaves, Croutons, Dulse and Kalamata Olives with Balsamic Vinegar, and a light Orange Miso Dressing. The Tempeh was prepared by being simmered whole, in water, with shoyu and ginger; then baked in a marinade of shoyu, maple syrup, white wine and roasted garlic. The marinade covered the sliced Tempeh completely, but the liquid was absorbed completely during baking, leaving each piece richly flavoured.

The Sunday lunch prepared by Francoise Auvray: a tasty Black Bean and Vegetable Soup served with Creme Fraiche and Parsley, with a side plate of Rice and Quinoa, Sauteed Leeks Broccoli with Sea Vegetables…

…followed by an afternoon snack of Ginger Cookies inspired by the Natural Gourmet Cookbook by Annmarie Colbin.

Simple Chicken Broth

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‘For a cold and wet January night… a delicate chicken broth with vegetables and noodles. 1 pot, cold water, a chicken leg, chunky slices of carrot, turnip, leeks, celeriac, bay leaf, cinnamon stick, lemon grass, black cardamon whole, ginger slices, a little piece of kombu. Simmer on the gentlest of fire for 1hr whilst you… go and catch up with your neighbour. Season with some salt and garnish with winter salad leaves… yes planted in September and they survived the frost and the snow… serve with rice noodles… ahaaaaaa… finally warmed up to the toes. Don’t forget to share… happy new year!’ – Francoise Auvray

Apple & Squash Jam on Sourdough

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‘Last time I made bread I run out of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds… Mutsuko suggested raisins. then I found a few pecans which I simply laid at the bottom of the baking dish. To contrast with the colour of the bread, I cooked some sweet squash with a few apples, a very small amount of water, a pinch of salt and spices and a small amount of butter.’ –Francoise Auvray (Homemade sourdough with raisins and pecan served with apple & squash jam)

Francoise’s home bakery

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‘Just out of the oven… home made sourdough… I made too much… one is for adoption if you live in or near N16… there will be some rye breads on Thursdays… let me know if you would like one… bakery not open yet but… if I bake one I might as well bake two.’ – Francoise Auvray