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Persimmon, Chicory & Blue Cheese Salad

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A side salad prepared under the guidance of Master Chef Jean Torné this weekend. It formed part of the evening meal for Heartspace, a programme run by the Concord Institute. A delicious fusion of colours, flavours and textures working in perfect harmony. Very much in tune with the intention and spirit of the programme – a touch of the exotic and at once familiar.


Before: Fresh Persimmon cut into slices, in preparation for panfrying in a small amount of Ghee.


After: The pan-seared persimmon slices sitting on a bed of sliced Chicory (drizzled with lemon juice) with a sprinkling of Blue Cheese to finish.

Whole Food cooking classes

Posted in concord institute, courses, spring, summer on May 15th, 2014 by Kevin – Be the first to comment

gently fried rice_580

I invite you to take part in a introductory series of Cooking classes being run this Spring and Summer at the Concord Institute. They run over a series of three weeks, with either morning or evening classes available. ‘This three week series of morning cooking classes is intended as a fun, joyful exploration of whole foods cooking, particularly for those who want to cook more healthily for their families. The classes will equip you with the basics of whole food cooking and a collection of recipes that you can begin to incorporate into your regular diet and that of your family.’

To book your place, or find out more details, please visit the Concord website.



iEvolve lunch

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Cooking in the Concord Institute kitchen recently, creating a lunch for participants of the iEvolve workshop. The menu was a hearty Barley and Autumn Vegetable broth, topped with panfried Mackerel and Mussels, accompanied by freshly made Sourdough bread, and a warm vegetable Salad with a tangy vinaigrette. Once again, events in the kitchen tend to mirror activity in the workshop upstairs – the journey into the unknown, for me, was my first attempt at creating Sourdough, under the guidance of head chef Kasia Bilewska-Greenbank.

The Art of Japanese Home Cooking

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Mutsuko Johnson’s intensive Summer intensive course is a fantastic Japanese home cooking programme, which brings people together around the joy of home cooking, sharing a simple meal with friends and family with a lot of heart. Her cooking and teaching comes out of the body rather than the mind, and covers a lot of ingredients and dishes, and is simple yet very powerful and nourishing.
This year, Mutsuko will also bring foods which can be used as home remedies. She is also travelling via Japan, and will bring back with her treasures from her homeland. The intention of this course is to create abundance from the kitchen. Check out more details on the Concord website. To book your place, contact Blandine Bardeau by email.


Seasonal Kitchen with Jean Torné

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Another opportunity is approaching to spend time in the company of Jean Torné, during his upcoming Seasonal Kitchen course, scheduled for Feb 24 – March 2 at the Concord Institute. This is an extraordinary course which is likely to transform your relationship to food and cooking. In Jean’s words:

‘I am going to have a program, on the joy of food. From a practical point of view, the exact season is a transition season and I will have most probably no more than the vegetables on offer currently: root vegetables, pumpkins and sprouted greens of various kinds. The cooking will move around vegetables and grains and will aim at exploring different forms of cooking with herbs and spices, with middle-eastern and Mediterranean influences, including fish at both weekend days. In the classes we will learn of course recipes and ingredients and styles, but we will also again examine why, how and who are cooking.’

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Blandine Bardeau by email, or call the Concord Institute directly on 020 7607 1140 to book your place..


Lunch in progress

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Snapshots of a Foundation Course lunch I created, ‘in progress.’ First, a little experiment. How do Red Onions respond, when cooked (left) with Sea Salt, and (right) without? A visual comparison of the subtle difference in colour, form (and taste).

Second, assembly of colourful ingredients of our ‘Millet surprise.’ Originally intended to be Croquettes, they eventually emerged as fritters: due to an over-mushy batch of cooked Millet which didn’t lend itself to forming into patties. No matter, the combination of Millet, Pressure Cooked Squash and Sweet Potato, Caramelised Onions, Engevita Yeast Flakes, Thyme and Parsley panfried as fritters proved to be a winner.

Seasonal Kitchen class, Day 1

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Day 1 of the Seasonal Kitchen class led by Mutsuko Johnson, at the Concord Institute. Photos by Greg Davies.

On Leadership

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‘You can have anything you want, as long as you’re willing to let go of the picture of what you think it should look like.’ One of the pearls passed on by David Norris, facilitator of the annual On Leadership programme which took place this weekend at the Concord Institute. The concept of leadership itself is up for enquiry in this course, with a working definition of it being ‘an invitation to others to participate in the translation of a vision into reality, and then to be responsible for maintaining it in existence.’ The picture above is of one of the meals we prepared to help nourish the conversation. In this case, a South American influenced plate of Black Bean stew, White Rice, Sweetcorn fritters, Avocado and Tomato Salsa, Fresh Lettuce and Cucumber Salad and a Ceviche made with fresh Haddock. This was a truly magical event: illustrated by the appearance of Lucía Eguren, who arrived to assist with her Mother Maria Antonia Fernández in tow, on holiday from Spain. Along with the extra pair of hands, Maria added an enormous amount of heart to our Sunday afternoon kitchen team.

Foundation Course meal

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A meal prepared by participants of the Foundation Course under the guidance of Francoise Auvray: Bulghur Wheat with Chickpea Stew, Blanched Vegetable Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, Pressed Carrot Salad and Yoghurt and Cucumber dressing. Shown here are the various approaches to meal presentation of the different cooking teams.

Mutsuko is coming

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Mutsuko Johnson is returning to London once again this Autumn, to lead one of her inspirational Seasonal Kitchen classes. This will be a hugely enjoyable event to take part in, with benefits not just from the nutritional value of the food created but also from the heartspace and sense of family Mutsuko creates in the kitchen. If you would like an introduction to nourishing, essential Japanese Home Cooking, this class is for you. Dates: Sept 16–22, Concord Institute. For more information about the course and what is on offer, visit the Concord website or call Zoe Waller on 07818 231 298.