Penang market cooking

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An early morning visit to a Penang market during our Christmas trip, where we bought some freshly made fish balls and fried tofu. This all ended up in a Hearty Noodle broth, together with Choi Sum-like greens from the market, Shiitake Mushrooms, Onions and Carrots.

Francoise’ Soup

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‘Today, making a simple soup for a wet day, from my mum’s garden: leek, winter turnip (a small daikon), potatoes and onions, thyme and bay. Then some noodles and seaweed. Some instant miso soup for the stock. We had this with some beautiful goats cheese, apples and bread.’ Thanks to Francoise Auvray for sharing this dish with us.

Mum’s Shin Soup

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These crisp autumn days in London take me back to the experience of growing up in the Waikato, and Saturday morning spent running around frosty football pitches, then to return home to a bowl of soup cooked by my Mum. She would often make Shin Soup using a chunk of Shin on the bone with Soup mix and fresh vegetables to make a hearty, nourishing soup. So here’s my homage to Mum’s autumn cooking, a shin soup made last weekend with produce bought from the Stoke Newington Farmers Market. A hunk of Shin from the organic butchers sauteed in a pan, then Onions Leeks, Carrots and Garlic added, together with Soup Mix with Yellow Lentils and Barley, and Stock gradually added. Served here with Toasted Sourdough with Avocado.

Miso Broth with Cucumber and Tempeh

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A quick, nourishing and hearty meal created by Nicky Clinch. A Miso Broth with Vegetables, sliced Cucumbers, Toasted Sesame Seeds and Deep fried Tempeh chunks.

Kombu Dashi Broth

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A lunch broth made with Shiitake Mushroom and Kombu, Wakame, Sweet potato, Spring Onions, Toasted Sesame Seeds and Smoked Mackerel.


Spring Green, Rocket and Wild Garlic Soup

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Made with Vegetable Stock, Onions, Leeks, Spring Greens, Rocket and Wild Garlic, with some Wild Garlic Flowers as a garnish.

Miso for breakfast

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I’m warming to my current morning Miso breakfast regime. I say regime, but its anything but regimental. Hearty, satisfying and sustaining.

Miso Soup with Fishcakes

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I made a very hearty Miso Soup for lunch, starting with a rich Kombu Dashi made with Kombu and Shiitake mushrooms, then adding Carrot, Squash, Potato, Wakame, some Sea Salad, a mix of Barley and darker Genmaichi Miso, then topped with some Toasted Sesame Seeds, Scallions and Bonito Flakes. Served here with some freshly made Fried Cod fishcakes from a local Turkish shop.

Red Lentil, Squash and Coconut Soup

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ingredients assembled: A mix of Coriander, Cumin and Mustard Seeds Toasted and ground in a suribachi, combined with Turmeric and Garam Masala; Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Leek, Squash, Turnip, Red Lentils and Coconut Milk, together with a small block of Coconut cream.

To begin with, I sauteed the Onions and Leeks in Olive Oil with Sea Salt, then added Garlic and Ginger, and ground, sieved spices. Next, I added the Root vegetables and continued to saute gently.

Eventually, I added the Red Lentils with some Vegetable Stock, the Coconut Milk and Cream, and some Bay Leaves. I continued to cook the Soup gently, adding Sea Salt towards the end then blending to a smooth consistency.

The warming, creamy bowl of soup served with Toasted ‘Hackney Wild’ Sourdough from the E5 Bakehouse.

Soup Kitchen No.5

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The next Soup Kitchen is set for next Monday 26 March, at the Happy Kitchen Canteen. We’ll be preparing a White Bean, Leek and Kale Soup using Homemade Vegetable Stock and seasonal vegetables. I’ll be using this class as an opportunity to introduce people to the wonders of Pressure Cooking, and the difference it makes to cooking pulses and grains. To book yourself a place, contact Happy Kitchen on 020 8525 4994 or email