Bean, Vegetable and Kale Stew

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A hearty Bean, Vegetable and Kale Stew – prepared after completing an online session with Jean as part of the Mastery of Cooking course last week. A mix of Cannelini and Pinto Beans, pressure cooked with Bouquet Garni. Onions, Leeks, Carrots, Swede and Pumpkin diced and cooked in Ghee with a drop lid. Beans and Vegetable Stock added. Cooked further, then transferred tothe oven for more slow cooking – 2hrs at 170. Kale blanched separately, and added towards the end. Some seasoning, and a small amount of Tamari to finish. Served with a Sauteed Brussel Sprout, Lambs Lettuce and Pomegranate Salad, and Toasted Sourdough with Olive Oil, Rosemary and Sea Salt. Sour Cream and Parmesan shavings round it all off. Images thanks to Nicky Clinch.





Family home cooking

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A selection of meals prepared since the arrival of baby Teia. With time a little more limited, we’ve been relying on a few staples, and a few quick-and-easy-to-prepare dishes.

Aduki Bean Stew, Rice & Barley, Sprouted Broccoli, Arame with Carrot and Corn Chips.

Home made Vege burger: Aduki Bean pattie served in a Pitta with Salad leaves, Avocado, Tomato, Fried Onions, Tomato Salsa and Mustard.

A house favourite: Nicky’s Congee with Short Grain Rice, Shiitake, halved Prawns, topped with steamed Pak Choy and Broccoli with Garlic, and a sprinkling of premium Furikake condiment.

Couscous and premade Falafel with grilled Zucchini strips, Roasted Red Pepper, Red Onion & Tomato, dressed Salad leaves and Hummus.

Grilled Salmon Fillet with Teriyaki Sauce; Short Grain Rice with Furikake; Arame, Carrot, Onion and roasted Hazelnuts; stirfried Leeks and Blanched Sprouted Broccoli.

Nicky’s Mum chipping in with a classic Malaysian Chicken Curry, steamed Jasmine Rice and Sauteed Cabbage with garlic.

Another Teriyaki Salmon dish with Short Grain Rice, Stirfried Greens with Garlic and Shoyu and Grated Daikon.


Francoise’ Soup

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‘Today, making a simple soup for a wet day, from my mum’s garden: leek, winter turnip (a small daikon), potatoes and onions, thyme and bay. Then some noodles and seaweed. Some instant miso soup for the stock. We had this with some beautiful goats cheese, apples and bread.’ Thanks to Francoise Auvray for sharing this dish with us.

Mum’s Shin Soup

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These crisp autumn days in London take me back to the experience of growing up in the Waikato, and Saturday morning spent running around frosty football pitches, then to return home to a bowl of soup cooked by my Mum. She would often make Shin Soup using a chunk of Shin on the bone with Soup mix and fresh vegetables to make a hearty, nourishing soup. So here’s my homage to Mum’s autumn cooking, a shin soup made last weekend with produce bought from the Stoke Newington Farmers Market. A hunk of Shin from the organic butchers sauteed in a pan, then Onions Leeks, Carrots and Garlic added, together with Soup Mix with Yellow Lentils and Barley, and Stock gradually added. Served here with Toasted Sourdough with Avocado.

‘Beyond Violence’ at Springhead

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Just back from a magical weekend cooking in Dorset with a crack Wholefood Kitchen team comprising myself, Jon Gibert and Lucia Eguren. We created a series of meals for a European School of T’ai Chi event led by Tew Bunnag. The theme being explored was ‘Beyond Violence,’ addressing our relationship with our conflict within. We were asked to produce delicious food which grounded, sustained and nourished the participants, and we did a sterling job. We were blessed to spend time with the gentle waters of Springhead, working with top notch produce supplied by Earth Natural Foods here in London, and Organic Veg provided by Goldhill Farm, not more than 4 miles down the road. Thanks to Tew, Louanne, Sodge, Jon and Lucia and the course participants who all contributed to a nourishing experience. Thanks to Jon Gibert for these wonderful images too.

Autumn Home Cooking

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A few recent change-of-seasonal dishes prepared by Nicky and myself, as the weather cools and we’re in the need of some more warming and grounding meals. Some inspiration taken from last weeks Seasonal Kitchen class with Mutsuko Johnson, which brought home the delight of simple Japanese Home cooking. Pictured: One Pot Nabe; Udon Noodles with Vegetables and Mochi, Mung Bean Croquette and Pressed Cucumber Salad; Aduki Bean and Brown Rice; Whiting cooked with Ginger and Spring Onions; Rice Balls with Umeboshi paste.

Rakhi’s Ragu

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Flatmate Rakhi Singh’s delicious slow, home-cooked Ragu: Pork & Beef mince and chicken livers chopped up really small. Passata, Nutmeg, Salt, Pepper, Red wine, lots of Basil, and some Thyme. Served on a bed of Porcini Taglietelle, courtesy of the Primo & Ultimo stall at the Stoke Newington Farmers Market, and some grated parmesan.

Autumn Roast

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Side dish of Fennel, Thyme, Lemons, Olives, Olive Oil and Sea Salt ready for roasting.

Chopped Rosemary, Anchovies, Olive Oil and Sea Salt in Suribachi.

Rolled Organic Leg of Lamb from the Stoke Newington Farmers Market, brushed in Rosemary, Anchovy and Olive Oil, with slivers of Garlic, resting on a bed of Garlic and Fennel pieces.

Nicky, Kat and Andrew get ready to tuck in!

Borlotti Bean Stew

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Borlotti Beans, pressure cooked. Smoked Pancetta, Onions, Garlic, Celery, Fresh Thyme, Bayleaf, Burdock Root, all cooked slowly to create a rich Autumn Stew. Winter Greens added at the last. Served here with Toasted, buttered Sourdough from the E5 Bakehouse.

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

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Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar.