what is wholefood kitchen all about?

A conversation about wholefood cooking, and our relationship with food. It provides insights from pioneers in the field, and connects people with an experience of cooking as a transformational experience which nourishes the whole person, body and soul. As Jean Torné, Mutsuko Johnson and other teachers have demonstrated, cooking is something which supports personal growth and transformation by facilitating a reconnection with our own biological integrity. You may well ask what does this mean? This site has been set up to explore such questions, and challenge some beliefs and assumptions about food and nutrition.

who is it for?

Wholefood kitchen is for anyone who is interested in exploring their relationship with food, to gain insights from practitioners, and share their experiences. It will provide an opportunity to connect with a growing community of people who approach food within an integral context. Above all, it is for people who would like food to support them to fulfill their potential.

who is behind it?

This is an independent site run by Kevin Helas and includes contributions from other practitioners of wholefood cooking. Kevin is greatly indebted to the Concord Institute, which has provided the bulk of training of cooking within this context, and a developing understanding of the art of ‘cooking with awareness.’

what is the purpose of the site?

To bring an understanding of a integral approach to nutrition to a wider audience. To reflect cooking’s importance as a daily act of creation, a celebration of life, family and community. To provide a place for wholefood cooking pioneers and enthusiasts to connect. Our intention is to provide avenues for people to develop a relationship with food and cooking which supports their health and wellbeing.

what is my vision?

A return to traditional values and ways of being, where the kitchen and food regains its place at the heart of our lives. Where food, and our relationship with food, becomes a source of inspiration and creativity and love. Where food becomes a celebration of life, family and community, and provides a foundation for personal health and happiness.

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