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(Why) Have we fallen out of love with Organic food?

An interesting read in the Guardian today in followup to a study released which suggests that ‘organic produce is no better for our health than conventional food.’ It’s hard to take such a claim seriously. Invariably studies are very good at confirming the expectations of those who sponsor or conduct them. The only studies I pay much attention to are the ones I carry out myself, in the kitchen: where I notice the effects different foods I cook and eat have on me personally, my energy levels, wellbeing and sense of overall satisfaction. This comes not from just the food itself, but all the steps in between. It’s true, my predilection for foods which carry the organic ‘label’ has softened considerably over time. My go-to source for veg remains Growing Community’s weekly Organic Farmers Market, but I am also happy to visit local fruit and vegetable suppliers such as the Newington and Stoke Newington greengrocers, which are a welcome addition to the mix. Although their produce is predominantly non-organic, it is fresh, of high quality, and mostly locally sourced. Simply having an organic label doesn’t tell the whole story either: I prefer to buy from non-organic greengrocers or local markets where I get a ‘feel’ from the produce, and the journey it has taken; rather than buy Organic produce at supermarkets which can feel just as processed and packaged as conventional food, and often lacks the vitality of Organic food bought direct from the farmer. The article provides an interesting overview of the situation, observing that this is not a black and white issue. (‘News Flash! Life occurs in shades of grey!’) Yet it concludes with a useful statement: ‘If we want food that is good for humans, animals and the environment, the priority now is not to praise organics or┬áto bury it, but to accept we must look beyond it.’ Amen! Read the full article here.

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