Doorways to Freedom

Images from the Buddhafield festival I attended last weekend, where the theme for the weekend was ‘Doorways to Freedom.’ In the words of the programme, this was an invitation to follow in the steps of the Buddha in a quest for personal freedom. Buddhism offers three doorways to ultimate freedom: Mystery: seeing that the nature of life is change, or flow, and cannot be pinned down. Letting go: recognising we cannot control it all. If we stop trying to, we can find peace and stillness in the centre of the storm. Limitlessness: the discovery that we are not separate from the rest of life, that this separation is an illusion and the root of all suffering. This is a remarkable annual event, a celebration of the human spirit which is supported by a policy of no drugs and alcohol: creating an environment which encourages a genuine meeting of open hearts and minds. People come together to nourish their minds, bodies and spirit in a variety of ways, connecting with themselves and others, on the land, and in community. If you want a taste of true festival spirit, without any funny aftertaste, I recommend you check this one out.

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