Elliot’s Cafe

Nicky and I shared a meal at Elliot’s Cafe in Borough Market recently. It’s a newish venture¬†from Brett Redman and Rob Green who also run the Pavilion Caf√© in Victoria Park. Elliot’s offers a daily menu which changes according to what’s available across the road at the market, thus ticking all the local, seasonal eating boxes. It’s generally a fairly rich, meat-heavy menu, but amongst it we unearthed a few Seafood gems. Highly recommended as a stopoff before heading to the South Bank, but make sure you book ahead!

Six of the best: Rock Oysters in their shells.

Panfried Skate on a bed of Leeks and Chorizo.

Clam broth with Watercress.

Fried Maris Pipers with Garlic Aioli.

Salad Greens with Capers and a Lemon vinaigrette.

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