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Soup Kitchen No. 5

John takes a sneak preview of the recipe for last weeks’ Soup Kitchen class at the Happy Kitchen Canteen. On the menu: a Hearty Cannellini Bean, Kale and Leek Soup made from Scratch using homemade Vegetable Stock.

As part of the lesson, we delved into the world of pressure cooking, and had an opportunity to take a taste test of pressure cooking vs canned beans for flavour and texture. The verdict? Overwhelmingly in favour of the pressure cooked pulses.

The final result. A beautiful bowl of Soup combining Onions, Leeks, Kale, Cannelini Beans, Wild Garlic, Fresh Thyme Rosemary and Parsley, all purchased from the Ripple Farm stall at the Stoke Newington Farmers Market.

The leftover Soup, enjoyed the next day with the addition of a few sauteed Shiitake Mushrooms. The next Soup Kitchen is scheduled for Monday 23 April at the Happy Kitchen Canteen. We’ll be preparing a Spring Vegetable Soup using Seasonal Vegetables. To book yourself a place, contact Happy Kitchen on 020 8525 4994 or email

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