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The Guardian obliged with a heartwarming story this week: the discovery by scientists of evidence of a 1 million year old fireplace, which gives weight to the theory posited by Richard Wrangham in his book ‘Catching Fire: Cooking Made Us Human.’ It is a theory that doesn’t seem like such a leap, that our ancestors made a huge evolutionary jump when they began to use fire to cook food, transforming it into a more digestible form which allowed energy in our bodies to be redirected from digestive purposes to development of our brain, our consciousness. It’s exciting to see this on the front page of a major paper. It’s only a small step from here, to the realisation that when we connect with the process of evolution by engaging consciously with food and cooking, we connect to our own transformation, and evolution. As individuals, and as a species. It may take a while for scientists to prove that assertion, but you can try it out for yourself, in your own personal laboratory, at home in the kitchen. Full Guardian article here.


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