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The Curious Case of Macrobiotics

The notorious ‘M’ word remains contentious and confusing. For myself, as well as others I speak to. What does it really mean? It’s helpful to return to its original meaning, being ‘big’ or ‘whole’ life, but there is an opportunity to explore the principles of Macrobiotics and demystify the word in a weekend seminar hosted by Bill Tara. Bill is the founder of the Community Health Foundation in London here in 1976, whose current incarnation is the Concord Institute. He is an active advocate for natural health care and has over 40 years experience as a health counsellor, teacher, author, entrepreneur and creator of health education centres in Europe and North America. The weekend course takes place on December 4 & 5. Details about the course are available on the Concord Institute website. Check out more about Bill Tara on his website. Here is a Youtube clip with Bill addressing Barack Obama about unspoken issues around national health care, equally relevant to what is going on here in the UK at present, where food industry giants are consulted to develop policy on health and nutrition. See recent Guardian article.

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